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The Proletarius blog is an attempt to get my thoughts out in an interesting, organised and timely manner. I am fascinated – in a kind of morose way – by politics. You could say I’m a politics geek – interested in political theory, radical leftist politics and international relations. I feel strongly about a number of political issues and like to think I am committed to the values of social justice, equality of opportunity and general human progress and enlightenment. I suspect my views will continue to change and develop.

One of the ways to ensure this is to partake in, for me at least, the challenging and somewhat painful task of writing. I hope this will not only allow me to become more disciplined in this valuable skill and help analyse and develop my political thoughts – but I hope too it will provide something provoking, inspiring and interesting to read for those equally as passionate about the political values and ideas I speak of.

Currently there is no specific structure. I will simply write about the big issues I have been thinking about in general. I will attempt to make the articles relevant to the contemporary but I do not, as I write this at least, wish for this to be a current affairs blog.

If you find anything here interesting/offensive/boring, or anything else, feel free to comment, like and share!